snack of the week club


The Snack of the Week Club is a club for one of my favorite characters, Eva Prim. The club includes a blog, where Eva interviews people she's "met" and sharing snack ideas as well as other helpful (depending on how you define helpful) tips.


To compliment her blog and to suck more people into being friends with her, and that pun was completely intended, she's started a club, The Snack of The Week Club.


I do my best to moderate her (which does not mean control because as anyone who knows Eva realizes, there is no controlling her). But even with my attempt to influence her you have to realize you're joining at your own risk. If you followed the Name That Book Contest, you must have some idea of her capabilities. If you didn't follow, check out her Facebook page for details. If those tidbits about her past aren't enough of a warning, think logically. You're joining a club run by a very eager, tenderhearted, opinionated, stubborn, quick-tempered, somewhat obsessive-compulsive vampire. She just wants to be your friend. But she is what she is. So you'll have no one but yourself to blame with this decision. Club member benefits include:

• Sneak peeks at upcoming Eva Prim books. The first few chapters of Book #1 will be released
and only club members will have access to them.

• Special contests and giveaways

• Advance viewing of her book covers

• Her solemn vow not to nibble on you unless you offer first.

(See disclaimer above.)

• 100% security from future werewolf attacks in The New England Region. (She doesn't actually have the authority to enforce this. Again, see disclaimer above.)

• Access to The Snack of The Week Facebook Group

• The occasional recipe. She does have an interesting palate for a vampire and is willing to try anything new.

• A Demon Master guarantee that you will not be possessed by any demons for which she is responsible. (She has not actually learned to control her demons to date so again, see disclaimer above.)

• Access to short stories about Eva, the world she lives in and all her friends.

• The occasional newsletter announcing contests, giveaways and sneak peeks, providing advice
and recipes, and, of course, reminding you of the link to access all those things.

So come join the club!